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In Snowmass Village, CO
Over 50 Years Experience Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Gene Taylor Sports Snowmass Village Ski shop. Skis & Snowboard sales and Rental Service in Snowmass Village Colorado. Ski and Snowboard repair and tune with Crystal Glide Finish.

We don't need pavement to explore -- all we need is our mountains, Skis, and our bikes to reach beauty and Nirvana.  Over 40 years of ski and bike industry experience.  Professional experience that helps you get the service you require and the professionalism you need.  All for the right price...

We have a certified, experienced and well trained team to help you with all your needs in skis, snownboards and bicycles services.

Our team knows well and uses the same equipment we sell in our stores everyday!



Located at

Building 54

On the Snowmass Village Mall

P.O. Box 5115

Snowmass Village, CO  81615

Tel: 970.923.4336

Monday - Sunday

08.00AM - 05:00PM

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